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Chesters Plumbing & Bathroom Centre

Marc Nichol, Branch Manager of Chesters Plumbing & Bathroom Centre in Hamilton, was on holiday at the beach when he woke up to a building alarm notification on his phone. Being far from work was no issue – using his phone, he silenced the alarm and requested a guard to check out the site, then watched live updates as the guard accepted the call out, arrived on site, and sent a report confirming the site was secure. All this, without Marc even getting out of bed.

The ease of Gallagher’s app-based security system puts transparency and control back in your hands.

It can be pretty scary responding to an alarm activation in the middle of the night, walking into a dark building with no knowledge of what might be waiting for you. Before Gallagher, Marc’s alarm company would call him if there was an activation. “I’d get a call and I’d just say ‘send a guard, I’ll be down there soon’, and I would meet them there. In that phone call, there wasn’t any information. All we knew was the alarm had gone off.”

Now, through the Gallagher SMB App, Marc can see exactly which sensors have been activated, giving him the power to decide whether an intruder is likely to be on site, and to decide how to respond – from silencing the alarm, to checking the site himself, or escalating it to a guard. No more stumbling around in the dark and risking his safety. “I can see activations, so I’d know there was somebody there. It makes me really comfortable with the whole thing.”

"I literally didn't get out of bed. I requested a guard and watched it through the app. He said he was going to be there in eight minutes and he was there in five. I read the report and then just closed the app.” 

— Marc Nichol, Branch Manager, Chesters Plumbing & Bathroom Centre