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Hamilton City Gymnastics

When Hamilton City Gymnastics moved into their purpose-built facility in 2003, they opened gymnastics up to the community. It wasn’t long before their holiday programmes reached full capacity and parents were booking children’s birthday parties faster than 10 kids can eat a cake! With all these groups coming and going, as well as early morning and evening gym sessions, gymnastics classes, coaching sessions, and private venue hires, there’s always something going on at Hamilton City Gymnastics.

They soon realised they were in a bit of a pickle. With so many different groups needing access to the building – some regularly, and some as one-off hires – either someone needed to drive down and disarm the building every time it was booked, or they had to hand out their alarm codes to everyone.

Along came Gallagher, whose modern app-based security system changed their lives for the better.

“We’ve had to give our security information to everyone in the past. It made me uncomfortable because we would have to keep changing the pass codes to make the facility secure again – which, let’s be honest, nobody does because it’s such a hassle!” says Erica Third, Hamilton City Gymnastics Centre Manager. “Now I get our hires to call me from the door and I’ll disarm the building through the app. It means once their booking’s finished, there’s no way they can access the building again without us authorising it.”

With the freedom to arm and disarm the building from anywhere, the team at Hamilton City Gymnastics are free to focus their time on their gymnasts, not building logistics.

"Before, we never kept things up to date because it was a hassle to call the monitoring centre and say ‘hey, this person’s left. What codes are people using?’ Now we manage it ourselves – and it’s really easy!"

— Erica Third, Centre Manager, Hamilton City Gymnastics