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Gallagher Small Business

Stronger security made simpler.

Register your interest as an install partner today.

Gallagher Small Business is easy and efficient, it’s what business owners want and need, and it’s been a long time coming.

Sign up as an install partner and be at the leading edge of small business security.

Becoming a Gallagher Small Business install partner will save you time and money. It's just good business.

Save time

With less installation time, less specialist training, and the ability to carry out support services remotely, Gallagher will save you time.

Spend less on attracting new customers

Gallagher marketing attracts small business owners and supplies new leads.

Convert existing customers

Switching existing customers saves you time and money on maintenance and support.

Reduce stock and admin costs

All equipment except for cable and batteries is delivered to order by Gallagher.

Cut down on site visits

Log in to customer accounts to carry out remote support work and cut down on inefficient site visits.

Get paid on time

Gallagher’s payment model ensures installers are paid on time for installs. Build your recurring subscription revenue for better cash flow and a more profitable business.

1. Receive a lead

Generate a lead

Gallagher marketing targets business owners and helps generate leads. The more leads you bring, the more you'll get.

2. Visit and quote

Visit and quote

Visit the customer, determine their needs and provide a quote. Gallagher’s online quote acceptance keeps the process moving quickly.

3. Receive and install

Receive and install

The customer approves their quote, then you receive their product with everything packaged together and ready to install. No hassles.

4. Get paid, fast

Get paid, fast

Customers pay by credit card using Gallagher’s simple online account management and billing system, meaning you’ll be paid on time, every time.