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Warranty Policy

  • 1. Hardware Warranty
    Gallagher supplied products (both Gallagher manufactured and 3rd party) are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the product warranty period. Gallagher, at it’s sole discretion, will replace, repair or refund any hardware product found to be defective during the warranty period. Exclusions apply to all warranties, see below.
  • 2. 2-Year Warranty
    All Gallagher supplied product (both Gallagher manufactured and 3rd party product supplied by Gallagher) is warranted for 24 months from the date that the site was activated. Gallagher accepts no responsibility and offers no warranty on installer supplied products that are not sourced from Gallagher.
  • 3. Extended Warranty
    Gallagher may choose to offer extended warranties on equipment and systems if certain conditions are met.
  • 4. Software Warranty
    Gallagher warrants that the software will operate in accordance with the specification.
    Gallagher’s sole obligation in respect of the software products warranty is to use its reasonable endeavours to correct the program so that it performs in accordance with Gallagher’s specifications. Gallagher does not warrant any third-party software developed using Gallagher Application Programming Interfaces.
  • 5. Warranty Exclusions
    Gallagher hardware and software product warranties exclude the following:
    - Product modified or altered without Gallagher’s written authorisation.
    - Product which has not been used in accordance with Gallagher’s documentation, installation or operating instructions.
    - Product which has been subjected to conditions not in accordance with those specified in Gallagher product specifications, or to unusual electrical or physical stress, fire, lightening, Force Majeure, neglect, contamination by insect or vermin, misuse, abuse, improper storage, testing or connections, power or air conditioning failure, hazardous or unreasonable use, servicing by any third party not authorised by Gallagher to perform such work or servicing, or exposure to airborne contaminants include but not limited to geothermal, chemical, salt spray, local environmental influences etc.
    - General wear and tear on all readers is specifically excluded from warranty claims. General wear and tear includes fading or discolouring due to extended exposure to natural elements (e.g. moisture, UV, salt, sand etc).
    - Product no longer covered under the applicable warranty period.
    - Freight costs to return a product to Gallagher.
    - Installation, maintenance or service costs relating to a warranty claim.
    - Any incidental or consequential costs or losses associated with the failure of a Gallagher product under warranty.
    - Product returned to Gallagher in an un-testable state unrelated to the warranty claim (e.g. reader wiring cut off at the reader base, controller missing connectors unrelated to a fault etc).

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