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Gallagher's security solution for small and medium sized businesses is a cloud-based system that lets you take control of your business security from anywhere, at any time, using your smartphone.


Security Alarm

With our base security alarm system, you can arm and disarm your alarm, and manage incidents and users across multiple sites, all from your smartphone.

Extend your security alarm system with these features

Access Control

Lock and unlock your doors with your smartphone. Configure the doors to be locked 24/7, requiring users to request access at the reader, or set a schedule for when doors should be unlocked.


Manually call a guard in response to an alarm or have the system call a guard automatically. The guards actions on-site will be updated in real time, and the system will generate a report of their findings.

Benefits of a cloud-based security system

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Better control
If you're connected to internet, you're connected to your business, and can control the security from anywhere at any time.

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Stronger security
User credentials are stored in the cloud and updates take effect immediately, so if a user is deleted, they will not be able to access the security from then on. Unlike if they still knew a valid PIN code to a keypad.

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Automatic system updates
With regular software updates, including new features and security updates, your system will always be performing at its best.

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Secure data
Your data is safely stored, encrypted, and backed up in the cloud, so in an emergency you can rest easy knowing your information is safe.

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