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Access Control

Control your doors from your smartphone and say goodbye to pesky keys.

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Use your smartphone to unlock doors instead of a key
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Lock and unlock doors remotely
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Set a schedule for when you want your doors to lock
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See who has entered your business from the history log
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Automatically disarm your security alarm when unlocking your door
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Assign user permissions to your team, so they can only access what they should
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The app requires the device to be set up with security, so no one else can just pick up the phone and gain access to your business 

Say goodbye to keys

Connect your doors to the Gallagher system and gain access using your phone. Configure the doors to be locked 24/7, requiring users to request access at the reader, or set a schedule for when doors should be unlocked.

Manage who can access certain areas for your business by assigning user permissions to your team. If they have higher level permissions, the security alarm will automatically disarm when they request access at the door, if not, they won’t be able to gain access until someone has disarmed the site. This makes it easy to prevent unauthorised people entering secure areas. 

Control your doors remotely

Forget the hassle of organising keys and worrying about letting contractors or cleaners into the building. Through the Gallagher SMB App, you can bypass schedules and manually lock and unlock doors, even when you are off-site. This makes it easy to grant access to people who cannot usually enter your site, and let you get back to what's important.

Have better visibility over your site

With our Door Control feature, you’ll have visibility and control over your doors from anywhere, at any time. Using the history log, you can see who has requested access at a door, or armed and disarmed an alarm, so you know exactly who has been on-site. 

Gallagher products are proudly NZ made.

Door locks we support

Lockwood Electric Mortice

Lockwood Selector Mortice

Trimec Maglock

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