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Security Alarm

It’s headache-free security for real people with busy lives. 

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Arm and disarm your security system with your phone from anywhere
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Arm and disarm on-site using Bluetooth when you don’t have internet access
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Easily add, edit, and remove users
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Assign user permissions to your team, so they can only access what they should
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Receive alarm and late to arm notifications
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Respond to and action alarms
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View arming history
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Cloud storage and auto updates

Say goodbye to shared PIN codes and alarm keypads

Instead, activate the alarm securely from your phone. Set the Late to Arm notification so you can be sure your business is secure, even when you’re not there. Use Bluetooth to arm your site locally when internet connectivity is unavailable.

Easily manage users

A security system might not be much help if every past employee still has an active alarm code.

We’ve made it simple to add, edit, and remove users, and manage exactly which parts of the building they can control – even temporary users like contractors and cleaners.

Have better visibility over your site

With our Door Control feature, you’ll have visibility and control over your doors from anywhere, at any time. Using the history log, you can see who has requested access at a door, or armed and disarmed an alarm, so you know exactly who has been on-site. 

Gallagher products are proudly NZ made.

Our Kits

The Gallagher SMB Base Kit connects to a private cloud server, allowing you to control your security system from anywhere, with an easy-to-use mobile app.

Being cloud-based means there is no software, servers, or databases to purchase or maintain. You always have the latest firmware, cyber security, and functionality, as the system is updated automatically.

The Gallagher SMB Base Kit, along with the sensors and sirens, will be installed at your site by one of our trained Install Partners


The Gallagher SMB Cellular Kit has all the hardware of the Base Kit with the addition of a 4G Cellular Router. The router will automatically reconnect your security system to the cloud server if your site loses internet connectivity.

The Gallagher SMB Cellular Kit will be installed at your site if you have the Cellular Backup subscription add-on. All data usage is included in the fixed monthly subscription cost.

Door locks we support

Lockwood Electric Mortice

Lockwood Selector Mortice

Trimec Maglock

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